BIBLE ISSUES deals with Bible issues relevant to today and how we need to deal with these issues as 21st century Christians.

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Bible Living deals with how we are called to live and changes we may need to make to our lives as 21st century Christians.

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Truth of Scripture deals with Christian apologetics, or defending the faith.  Christianity is not a blind faith, but has plenty of evidence to back it up.

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Summary Summary quotes the Scriptural verses, rather than simply listing the references.

This website intends to deal with Scripture information, Scripture facts, and Bible issues that have an application for today. In addition, will address hard issues and controversial issues rather than avoid them.  After all, Christianity is not about dealing with the easy issues and ducking the hard ones.  Also, should anybody have questions, comments, or suggestions for other subjects, please email me at

I have also included action pages in  The intent of this website is not to simply impart knowledge;  you also need to put this knowledge into action. will not be a static website. I will be adding subjects from time to time as the Lord leads. Likewise, if you would like to see one or more additional subjects treated on this website, please let me know at  I may also tweak existing pages.

You may notice that some of the Scriptures that I quote are identical or nearly identical to other Scriptures. This is common, for example, when I reference the four Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John).  Individual readers of this website may prefer one book over another, such as Matthew over Luke or vice versa. Therefore, if the same Scripture is present in more than one book, I try to quote all references.

My intent on this website is to allow the Scriptures to speak for themselves as much as possible and to minimize my own comments, as all human comments are imperfect, whether from me or from somebody who has multiple seminary degrees. However, I do not believe in "sola scriptura," or Scripture only. Often, to defend Scripture, extra-biblical information is needed; and I will be including such information when it is useful.  On action pages that I have included, often using Scriptural references will simply result in duplicating the web page that the action page comes from; therefore, these are mostly comments.

Note that the web pages in the drop-downs on the navigation bar (Bible Issues, Bible Living, and Truth of Scripture) are in alphabetical order, not order of importance or any other order.

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My intent with this website,, is to help remove stumbling blocks so that you, the reader, will be willing and ready to go out and make a difference for the world in the name of Jesus Christ.