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My Approach

Bible Verses

Scriptureinfo.com quotes the Scriptural verses, rather than simply listing the references.

The majority of these Scriptural quotes will be from the King James Version, for the following reasons:

  • It is public domain (not copyrighted), which means that no limit exists for how many verses I can quote;
  • It is the most commonly used English translation of the Bible;
  • Many Christians reject the more modern English translations, while few reject the King James Version, except for it being more difficult to read.

In some cases, I will use another translation or the original language. As the reader may already know, the Bible was originally written in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek. If the quoted verse is not from the King James Version, I will list the translation that it is from.

I have also included a footnote on each page briefly stating the above.  Visitors, especially those using search engines, may land on any page on this website.

Which Biblical Issues to Treat

This website intends to treat issues that have an application for today, rather than simply assist in Bible trivia. For example, although the Scripture never lists how many magi visited Jesus, this has little or no application for today. Therefore, I do not intend to treat subjects like this, although I may touch on them. In other words, scriptureinfo.com does not intend to "major on the minors." However, scriptureinfo.com will address hard issues and controversial issues. Some readers may disagree with some of the positions taken by scriptureinfo.com. However, I do not intend to publish a milque-toast website that avoids these issues. Should anybody have questions, comments, or suggestions for other subjects, please email me at info@scriptureinfo.com.

Website Growth

Scriptureinfo.com is not a static website. In other words, I will be adding subjects from time to time. Moreover, if you would like to see this website treat one or more additional subjects, please let me know at info@scriptureinfo.com.

Scripture Vs Commenting

My intent on this website is to allow the Scriptures to speak for themselves as much as possible and to minimize my own comments, as all human comments are imperfect, whether from me or from somebody who has multiple seminary degrees. However, I do not believe in "sola scriptura," or Scripture only. Often, to defend Scripture, extra-biblical information is necessary; and I will be including such information when it is useful.

However, the action pages that I have included on some of these web pages usually will contain little or no Scripture. Putting the Scripture in the action page would often simply be a rehash of the web page that calls it out.


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For those who would still prefer to make a secure cash donation to support this website, I have included a button at the bottom of each page.  Note that all donations go through Paypal.  I will see your name, email, and amount of your donation, but I will not have access to any other information that you give to Paypal.  For more information, please visit paypal.com/security‡.

My Story

I am not a pastor and have not been to seminary. I became a Christian at the age of 22 through the witness of a friend. Like many other Christians, I want evidence that Christianity is the true faith, since, like everybody else, I am staking eternity on the truth of my faith.

Rather than state my name and all, I have chosen to remain anonymous, as I do not want to receive the glory that rightfully belongs to God and God alone.

This is an external website.  Scriptureinfo.com cannot be responsible for the content of, goods or services provided by, or the policies of external websites.